Hello my friend, yes it's me.

My (very high quality) blog needs a new username!!

I'm in San Diego when I'm not in Chicago.

I complain and post stupid cool things that I like.


♡here lies me♡

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This has been an "about me".


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nekriso replied to your post:why don’t i have my broken phone??? :(

because someone took it?


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why don’t i have my broken phone??? :(

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i am too nervous and shy to be around people but i expect them to like me

i can’t be real 

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i have no reason to put my feelings into words

my body hurts

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i 100% need consoling

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Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche

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 by auprès de toi 


 by auprès de toi 

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If feelings involved thinking, then they would be thoughts.