I'm Sofia.
Hello my friend, yes it's me.
My very high quality blog needs a new username!!
I'm in San Diego when I'm not in Chicago.
I complain and post stupid cool things that I like.

♡here lies me♡
♡music I like♡
♡you can also find me here!♡

This has been an "about me".

Jun 25th | 262 notes
Jun 17th | 17 notes
Jun 13th | 1,828 notes
Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A.
Jun 12th | 1,951 notes
Haunt Me (x3) - Teen Suicide
Mar 16th | 40 notes
Kaputt - Destroyer
Feb 27th | 622 notes
..And the World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke) - Flying Lotus
Dec 7th | 110 notes
Gravity Rides Everything - Modest Mouse
Nov 9th | 27 notes
For 12 - Other Lives
Aug 15th | 496 notes
When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
Jun 6th | 481 notes
Coffee - Copeland